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5-Day Intro to PostOp-Indur after Plastic Surgery with the Beckker Method

30 CEUs for the Body Altering Aesthetics Industry

2024 Upland CA
June 24th-28th
July 8th-12th, 24th-26th
Aug 5th-9th
Sep 16th-20th

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Enhance Your Post-Op Plastic Surgery Care Skills

This course is designed for beginner healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their skills in postoperative care for clients undergoing plastic surgery. Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, participants will learn about the lymphatic system, scar tissue management, wound complications, and the application of the Beckker Method in postoperative care. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the fundamentals of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and incisional drainage techniques, as well as the integration of tools and equipment to optimize client outcomes.

Expand Your Practice: Post-Surgical Recovery for MAs, CNAs, & More

This course is intended for any medical professionals who have had an introduction to the industry. This includes body sculpting, MAs, CNAs, or any regulated industry that is new to the Body Altering Aesthetics field. Prior experience in actual PostOp-Indur is not needed. This course is intended for healthcare providers and bodyworkers who have some awareness of the body but are not well versed in PostOp-Induration or PostPlastic Surgery Manual Recovery.

What You'll Learn to Do in This Course

  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system and its role in postoperative healing.
  • Differentiate between manual activation of MLD and incisional drainage techniques.
  • Learn the principles of compression garment fitting and installation.
  • Identify nutritional considerations and dietary impacts on wound healing.
  • Develop proficiency in conducting postoperative assessments and creating treatment plans
  • Recognize common scar tissue formations and strategies for collagen management.
  • Acquire skills in performing myofascial releases and varied modalities for improved client outcomes.

Elite Surgeon & Therapist Recommended

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This course changed my practice! I feel so much more confident providing post-op care, and my clients are seeing amazing results.

- Sarah Miller, MA

Your Learning Journey


Day #1

Introduction to the lymphatic system, manual activation techniques, and gravity's impact. iMedic model demonstration and student practice.


Day #2

Compression garments, nutritional considerations, CSL PostOp Directives, and Faja fittings.


Day #3

Basic systemic anatomy and physiology, natural activation of the lymphatic system, and traditional activation techniques.


Day #4

Scar tissue and collagen formation, plastic surgery wound complications, introduction to the Beckker Method, and live model demonstrations.


Day #5

Myofascial releases, tools and equipment integration featuring cupping, manual manipulation demonstrations on advanced postoperative clients, and student practice.

Elite Surgeon & Therapist Recommended

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I was worried about the hands-on component, but this course made everything so clear. I'm excited to start offering these services!

- Emily Johnson, Massage Therapist

Run Of Show

10:00AM-10:10AM Introductions & House keeping
10:10AM- 11:00AM Detailed Overview of the Lymphatic System
11:00AM-11:45AM Establish the difference between manual activation of MLD and Incisional Sciences
11:45AM-12:30PM Points & Directions between MLD and Incisional Drainage
12:30PM-1:00PM The impact and effects of gravity
1:00PM-2:00PM Lunch (provided)
2:00PM-3:00PM iMedic model demonstration
3:00PM-3:15AM Student evaluation of measurements & photos
3:15AM-4:00PM Student practice of direction flow on standard postOp clients day 8-week 4

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Trainer Information

Trainer: Guadalupe Beckker
Phone: (323) 448- 0026
Email Address: info@thtcontour.com

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